Donna Knudsen

Clinical Psychologist, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, Certified EMDR Consultant

Change requires time and patience. When we rewrite the stories we are telling ourselves mentally, we begin to see ourselves differently. This change in thinking is rewiring our brain. New learning is taking place. Patience, practice, and recognizing the small movements bring success.

Often, we seek therapy in a crisis which can also be a ‘spiritual awakening’. We want to feel more connected with ourselves and others. We want to be less burdened either from past or present events, get our emotional needs met, show up at work in a different way, or get out of a rut.

We need time to reflect on current circumstances – relationships, the job, self-care habits, family dynamics, the everyday way of life. We want tools, guidance, permission (without judgement) in a sanctuary with someone we trust and feel comfortable with. Someone trained to help people change.