Reviews from workshop participants:

Donna does a wonderful job facilitating the workshop, applying her own learnings and insights to each individual. She has a gentle, yet impactful approach.

Donna is caring, thoughtful, kind and very smart. She clearly understands the work and its application and value to people. She is organized and clear in presenting and makes it easy to learn. Her preparation was obvious as was her empathy.

The Daring Way workshop is a wonderful avenue for self discovery and growth. Donna provides a safe atmosphere that allows participants the space they need to identify shame, and create strategies for stepping into the arena. I’m so happy I participated in this workshop!

Donna is a wonderful facilitator because she was able to really be there and hear each one of us and created a feeling of equanimity and safety and trust to go deep. I felt that Donna made each of us important and unique with all we are carrying. I think it is not easy to create the atmosphere that Donna created with her strength, focus, sense of humor, and deep understanding as well as deep knowledge and sensitivity to the material. We were held. We could be brave. She created that in a subtle powerful way.